What if There Was One Word That Could Help You Live a Life of Abundance? 

Envision your most abundant life. How would you describe it? What does a good life…better yet, a great life, look like for you? Most of us desire a great life, and there’s no shortage of advice on how to get it. Opinions abound. However, perhaps you’ve noticed that interesting opinions and catchy sound-bite advice fall short of delivering on the promised path to a good life. Maybe you’ve wondered if there might actually be a foundational, life-organizing principle you could trust. What if there is a principle that holds true for all people, in all times, in all places…including today?


Turns Out, There is, Especially if You’re a Leader.

Whether you lead your business, guide your family, pastor a church, administer a governmental agency, coach a team, teach in a school or direct a non-profit, you have the opportunity to not only live your own most abundant life, but to also use your influence as a leader to help others do so as well. The principle you’re about to discover is ancient. It found its first expression in the earliest forms of written language as a single word that has been woven throughout human history. Although the word is little known, and has been obscured for centuries, the principle it encompasses was true 6,000 years ago; it’s true today; and it will be true tomorrow. In fact, it’s timeless. Like an archaeologist unearthing a priceless scroll, as you explore the pages of this book, you’ll uncover the enduring keys to living your most abundant life, and helping others do the same. Welcome to The AVADA Principle!


In the #1 bestselling book, The AVADA Principle, you learned about a fascinating ancient word with the three-part, simultaneous meaning of Work, Worship and Service. We examined God’s covenant promise to breathe His very Spirit into your fully integrated life. We explored perspectives and practices on how to work, worship and serve in the center of God’s will and enjoy His Power and His Presence all day, every day. However, reading about an integrated life and actually living an integrated life are two different things. Thus, we’ve created this companion guide to support you in your journey to your highest and best life…an AVADA Life.

Imagine what it will be like to have God actually lead you on an adventure of discovery through select verses He highlights just for you in the Bible and reveals specifically what He wants you to see at each stop along the way. That’s what awaits you in the 30-day AVADA Life Treasure Hunt. As each day’s gem is revealed, you can expect to:

-Experience the Presence of God.
-Feel the Bible come alive for you.
-Marvel at the insights you’ll receive.
-Be equipped to step boldly into your AVADA Life.


This book has helped to push me. Pushing me to do the hard things in business that will actually make a difference in how we serve our clients, employees, and my self as the owner. This is not a book to read once but will be one I come back to reference as I grow, and the company grows. It shows you how life and business are not meant to be separate things but to be done together.



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